Five questions with Ashley Kleinjans 

Inside CHPW - September 20th, 2018

Reading Time: 3 Minute/s

Five questions with Ashley Kleinjans 

Inside CHPW

Five questions with Ashley Kleinjans 

Posted on September 20th, 2018 - Reading Time: 3 Minute/s

Get to know some of the people who make Community Health Plan of Washington a great place to work. See what drew them to work at CHPW, what they like about their jobs and living in Washington state.

Q: How long have you been with Community Health Plan of Washington and what is your current role?

I started at CHPW in early May of this year, so it has been just over 4 months. I was hired into the Case Management team, and was recently promoted to Manager of Case Management. This has been a rapidly growing team and to accommodate that growth there are now two Case Management Managers. I am responsible for those cases that are in our Medicaid programs and I am based in a new Spokane CHPW office.

What is Case Management? Case Management is a collaborative process that includes licensed mental health counselors, nurses and social workers tot addresses individual behavioral or physical health care. Case Management at CHPW provides a personalized approach to support our members reaching their best level of health. A case manager’s role can include locating providers, being a health advocate, support in understanding benefits, identifying community resources, identifying options, coordination of information and services, and educational materials.

Q:  What do you most enjoy about your work at CHPW?

I enjoy the innovative and member centric approach at CHPW and our mission. I am a strong advocate for providing members with the education, resources, and support necessary for them to take control of their healthcare experience and this is at the core of we do in the Case Management team. Prior to CHPW I worked at a Community Health Clinic (CHC) for almost 8 years. Leaving the CHC was a difficult decision however, CHPW has provided me a new challenge and an opportunity to grow professionally and expand my knowledge in healthcare while continuing to work for a mission driven organization.

Q:  Why did you choose to pursue a career in health care?

That is a great question! My answer always sounds funny when I say it aloud, but I chose nursing as a career because I wanted to help people.  My grandma was a nurse and I always looked up to her and thought her job sounded fun. During my sophomore year of college I stared down this path and I have never really looked back. I have been a nurse for 12 years and if you would have told me when I started that I would be working in an office setting, as a manger I would have strongly disagreed. However, I have discovered how much I enjoy program development along with coaching and leading a team. Eight years ago I switched from Maternal Child nursing in the hospital setting to working at a CHC. Shortly after starting at a CHC I knew I would be a ‘lifer’ in the non-profit healthcare world and continue working toward access to quality healthcare for everyone.

Q:  What is something you have recently learned or accomplished that you are proud of?

Recently I joined an indoor soccer team and I found myself enjoying learning how to play soccer. Unfortunately, a broken nose due to a soccer ball hitting me in the face has ended my short 9 month soccer career… for now. I also have started to learn to fly fish, however, with 2 little kids it has been a very slow process.

Q:   What is your favorite season in Washington state and why?   

I think you have to embrace every season when you live in Eastern Washington and every season offers something different. I spend a lot of time outside with my girls who are ages 5 and 10, and depending on the season we will hike, go to the lake or play in the snow. If I had to pick a favorite season, I guess I would say summer. We really enjoy being able to go to the lake and we are lucky enough to have multiple options close to our home. Also, those extra hours of sunshine are pretty special.


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